We can assist you at every milestone in your life and help you transition smoothly through the various stages, as you have planned.


Entering the Workforce

  • Ascertain your rights as employee under the Fair Work Act

  • Assist with unfair treatment by employers

  • Enforce your rights under your Contract of Employment

  • Facilitate resolution of disputes with employers


Renting a House

  • Advice on residential leases and your obligations as tenant

  • Assist with disputes with the landlord


Purchasing a home or investment property

  • Advice before you sign your house purchase contract

  • Advice on conveyancing procedures

  • Conveyancing

  • Advice on mortgage documents



  • Commercial leases

  • Dealings with Tenants


Selling a home or investment property

  • Preparing sale of property contract

  • Conveyancing


Agreements with family members or third parties

  • Loans between family members or friends

  • Co-ownership agreements


Pre-nuptial Agreements 

  • Binding Family Agreements (pre or post nuptial)

  • Manner of holding Assets during marriage


Investment in private companies / assets

  • Advice on acquisition of interests in private companies

  • Know your rights and risks as shareholders/unitholders

  • Understand your obligations as passive investor

  • Dealing with tenants when you lease your property


Wills and Powers of Attorney

  • Wills to ensure your loved ones are provided for

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (financial)

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (medical treatment)

  • General Power of Attorney


Knowing your consumer rights

  • Dispute resolution with suppliers or manufacturers of goods and services

It is important that you plan in advance before making important decisions in your life both for your own benefit and those of your loved ones and we are here to assist.

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