To foster growth with minimal disruption, every business needs to have a few key things in place.


Core Structure 

This is the set up of the business and everything that is required for the business to operate.

  • A trading vehicle which is suitable from personal and familial perspectives;

  • An investment holding structure which is flexible enough for future growth and additional funding if required;

  • Mechanisms which minimise internal conflicts between the directors and shareholders/unitholders;

  • A fair exit mechanism which allows business partners to “cash in” their investment with as little disruption to the business as possible;

  • Clear rules for participants to ensure that good faith is observed to prevent future disuptes;

  • Risk management strategies to deal with financiers, landlords and other suppliers of IT requirements of the business (webdesigners, the franchisor (if it is a franchised business), the licensors (of technical knowhow, branding or other intellectual property rights);

  • Necessary permits and licences to carry on the business;

  • Insurances both mandatory and voluntary.



This is to establish a foothold in the market.

  • A distinctive brand which is protected under Intellectual Property laws;

  • A network of distributors/agents/franchising stores;

  • Alliance with related industry partners.



  • Employment contracts/Contracts for Services that are compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009;

  • Policies to deal with employee issues;

  • Supplier Agreements;

  • Hire Purchase or Equipment Finance Agreements.


Customer facing

  • Contracts with customers (wholesale or retail);

  • Privacy Policy;

  • Debt recovery.


Leave the above to us and business owners are free to concentrate on what matters most—driving business, creating a harmonious workplace environment and providing the best they can offer to their customers.

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